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Founder & Head Organizer

Kelly Hausman

My mission is to provide a functional, organized space for clients of all budget types. The purpose in simplifying your spaces is to give you a sense of peace in your own sanctuary- your home. Organization has been proven to lower stress and anxiety and can save you precious time in your busy day. I’m here to create a space that works specifically for you and your family’s needs. After all, we all deserve a life more organized AND simplified.

Hi there! I’m Kelly Hausman, the creator and organizer behind Organized Simplified.
I’m a busy mom who is on a mission to help others gain back control of their space and their homes. For 7 years I was a teacher in the public school system which required me to have very high organizational skills. As life got more busy I knew my focus and my passion still remained to help others, but in a different capacity.


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